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Handling Objections

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  • Customers are going to have objections, yet we don’t often plan for them
  • Banyan’s Dialogue Framework for handling objections breaks down the wall that is created when a customer first states the objection.
  • We stay away from “I understand” because it is ineffective, outdated, and does the opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish. There’s a better way!

Manager Coaching

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  • People don’t leave jobs, they leave their managers. Manager coaching is the undisputed champion of driving behavior change, growing relationships, reducing employee turnover, and increasing overall performance.
  • The Manager Coaching Conversations program is a dialogue framework that provides managers a low stress, high impact pathway to follow for every conversation from 3 min to 30 min long.
  • The Banyan approach simplifies the conversation with an employee-first approach that allows for more self-discovery of issues. Managers will feel more comfortable correcting, teaching, and growing their employees.

Learn about yourself and others

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  • DISC allows you to see yourself for who you are. What drives you? What irritates you? How do you prefer to communicate? Starting here allows for more self-awareness.  This is the essential first step to understanding HOW to treat others.
  • DISC then allows you to understand how others want to be treated and communicated with. What is this person interested in hearing? How much detail should I give?  How much rapport building do they need?  How fast or slow should I make this process?

Momentum Through the Sales Process

  • This training takes an in-depth look at all the words we use and actions we take that either pull us closer into the customer’s circle of trust, or push us out of it
  • Banyan’s step-by-step dialogue and process pathway allows salespeople to see which moments need to be capitalized on in order to build momentum.
  • Using a series of games and competition, participants soon discover what it takes to use Momentum to cross the finish line first.
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Switch CAR & Walk Around Training

The New Car market, combined with low used car inventory, is so volatile that we lose when we are stuck with a customer on a very specific vehicle that we don’t have.

Order Taker


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Inbound Phone Training for Sales

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Learn how to have more effective conversations, even with customers that are looking for vehicles we no longer have or are out of stock. While we cover the basics, this training is largely focused on the soft skills and frameworks needed to handle difficult calls that result in NO APPOINTMENT:

  • Car is out stock
  • Car is back ordered
  • Vehicle has been in an accident
  • Condition of the vehicle confirmed before booking appointment
  • Price Reductions/Monthly Payment/Market Adjustments/Financing

Building Rapport

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Building Rapport is one of the most misunderstood and underrated skills in any role of the dealership. 

The big misconception about Building Rapport is that we have to find common ground. (Guy is wearing a Blackhawks Jersey) “Hey I love the Blackhawks too!”  While this method can produce some fruit, we’d like to plant the entire tree.  This is done through a dialogue pathway called ICE that is easy to remember and perform as soon as they meet their next customer.

In The Drive Service Training

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It’s all about the customer experience from the moment they pull in to the moment they drive away with their newly serviced vehicle.

Additional Service Requests Training

In order to get passed the old “Dealerships find something wrong, charge too much, and aren’t any better than the local mechanic” stereotype, we have to get creative. Outside of using The Force, we have to influence them to think differently.

This is why Banyan created REV, a dialogue framework meant to provide service advisors an impactful, step-by-step guide to influencing the customer. Service advisors will be more confident in their proposal, and customers will be much more likely to take the next step.  So REV your service engines and boost your ASR percentages!

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What is a Dialogue Framework?

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An easy to remember acronym that helps determine where the conversations or process flows

  • Dialogue frameworks, or dialogue pathways, are a guide for the conversation.
  • Unlike a script, it allows for a response within certain parameters that still use their own personality and approach.
  • This framework typically consists of a 3 or 4 step approach that is easy to remember and can be used the moment they leave the training.

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